HighQ and Legal Anywhere

Who is HighQ?

HighQ empowers leading law firms and corporate legal teams to transform the way they work and deliver legal services. We unite internal and external teams with social collaboration, secure file sharing, project management and more, improving data security, efficiency and productivity. Our platform is flexible, user-friendly and integrates with other leading-edge technology to provide a seamless user experience and maximum return on investment. 

Founded in 2001, HighQ is headquartered in London with offices in Kansas City, New York, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Sydney
and Ahmedabad.


What are we announcing?

Today, we are announcing that HighQ is acquiring Legal Anywhere. Located in Portland, Oregon and founded in 2003, Legal Anywhere is a software and service provider for the legal market. Their services include extranets, intranets, deal room, secure file sharing, secure document collaboration, project management and real-time communications.


Why did HighQ acquire Legal Anywhere?

HighQ and Legal Anywhere provide similar legal technology services and the acquisition will empower better support for the joint client base. In addition to benefits for clients, we expect that consolidating our knowledge and expertise will further support overall growth.


Does HighQ have a US presence?

HighQ's global headquarters are in London and they have North American offices in New York and Kansas City with 41 US based employees working in all areas of the business.  HighQ serves 90 clients across North America.


Will the Legal Anywhere product continue to be supported?

There are no current plans to discontinue support for the Legal Anywhere platform, however, our long-term goal is to empower all of our clients with a single, world-class legal platform. Over the coming months, our respective product teams will be working diligently to ensure that the best features of the platform will be available to all clients moving forward. The HighQ leadership team will develop a conversion and migration strategy that will give Legal Anywhere clients the option to take advantage of the HighQ platform, however, the timeline for completion is still to be determined. 


What are the future plans for the HighQ platform?

HighQ currently has more than 250 employees dedicated to the development of the HighQ platform. We offer regular releases with cutting-edge features. Our most recent release included our new AI Hub, new data visualizations and Office Online integration. A series of webinars will soon be available to provide more information about the HighQ platform.

HighQ has a proven track record of product innovation around a number of key legal use cases including:

  • Client extranets, portals and content hubs
  • Project management and process automation
  • Transaction, matter and deal management
  • Secure file sharing and virtual data rooms
  • Team collaboration and personal productivity
  • Knowledge management and social intranets

HighQ will continue to drive product innovation in these areas and invest heavily in technologies like legal workflow automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) as well as integration with industry-standard productivity tools like Microsoft Office and Google G-Suite. While HighQ has aggressive plans to deliver a number of brand new capabilities and services to the legal market, we will also continue to focus on improving the HighQ platform with planned investments in document automation, data visualization technology, workflow and the ability to add and use metadata throughout the platform to name just a few examples.


What are the next steps?

HighQ will evaluate how to move forward with the goal of providing the joint client base the very best experience possible. We will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.  

I still have questions, who can I talk to?

For Legal Anywhere clients, your current contacts remain unchanged. Any support cases should still be directed to support@legalanywhere.com. As the operational integration continues, additional support details and communication will be available.

For other inquiries, please contact solutions@highq.com.


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