WEBINAR: Easily create custom solutions to simplify business processes

A taster of five solutions that make use of the vast functionality of HighQ's collaboration platform

Do you get bogged down in data management? Struggle to capture and store information from across your company and clients? Do you long to be able to build your own custom solutions to simplify your unique business processes? HighQ Collaborate has the answer: iSheets, a versatile tool that helps you build a multitude of solutions, limited only by your imagination. This webinar will show you several solutions that have been built in iSheets, and show you how you can create your own solutions too. 

Discover how to use a collaboration platform for a range of simple to complex business applications including:

  • Employee screening and employee leave management
  • Virtual PA
  • Real estate portfolio management
  • IP monitoring
  • Contract automation

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Your speakers


Charlie Rutherford, Senior Consultant, HighQ

Prior to joining HighQ, Charlie worked in the legal sector as a Business Analyst for over 13 years at a number of major law firms.  She has extensive experience delivering solutions to legal teams from productivity improvement through to new methods of delivering legal services to clients. Charlie joined HighQ recognising the potential of Collaborate to deliver business solutions to both professional organisations and their corporate clients. 


Kripa Purohit, Consultant, HighQ

As a trainee solicitor, Kripa was exposed to the pressures law firms have been facing in recent years which include increasing transparency, reducing fees and providing value added services to its clients. Since joining HighQ, Kripa has been actively involved in developing and building tailored business and legal solutions for HighQ’s client base to improve efficiency, reduce costs, strengthen client relationships and capitalise on their competitive advantages.